The flat roofs on many commercial buildings make them stand out, but there are other reasons why most commercial building owners ask roofing contractors to install flat roofs on their buildings. At The Orlando Roofing Co, your trusted roofer in Orlando, we have researched three major reasons why many commercial property owners choose the flat roof design.

1. More Space

A flat roof can serve as another floor on top of the building. It creates a kind of extra space where items or equipment can be stored. There are many uses for a flat roof such as turning it into a makeshift garden or where solar panels are set up. Most commercial buildings also install their outdoor air conditioning units on flat roofs and equipment such as power washers, or ladders are also kept there.

2. They are cheaper.

Flat roofs are cheaper to install when compared to steep-slow roofs. Flat roofs do not require any other protective measures or framing. A flat roof can stand on its own and function fully without any supporting structure. It is also cheaper to maintain flat roofs and replace them when necessary. A professional roofer in Orlando can offer you the best bargain on the scheduled maintenance of your flat roof.

3. It is practical.

Commercial buildings are usually bigger than residential buildings, so it only makes sense to install the easier type of roof. There is more area to cover, and it will cost more money to install sloped roofs on that much area. Most states also have height requirements for buildings so it would be impractical to install anything other than a flat roof. During inspections, roofers in Orlando can easily walk on a flat roof and spot problems whereas it is not that simple with sloped roofs.

At The Orlando Roofing Co, we have decades of experience as professional roofers in Orlando, and we have installed roofs for both commercial and residential buildings. We have also repaired different types of roofs for a lot of clients while upholding the highest standard of excellence. For any questions about roofing in Orlando that you have, give us a calltoday or send an email. We will get free estimates for your upcoming roofing project and also walk with you through your roof installation process.

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