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We are one of only a few Florida State Certified Roofing Contractors doing business in the Orlando area. We are certified and qualified in all types of roofing. However, tiles and shingles are our specialties. We pride ourselves on providing each and every customer with the most exceptional service possible. Fix your commercial and residential roofing quickly and efficiently with help from our experienced staff of expert craftsman and women. Our comprehensive roofing services make sure that your old and weathered roof is restored to brand new. When all you want to do is stop the leaks on your roof, call the Orlando Roofing Company now and save yourself a world of stress! Whether it is repairs, maintenance, or a brand new roof, we’re the roofing contractor in Orlando to guarantee the best possible job.

We maintain that customer satisfaction is our number one job, so with that we want to assure you receive a stress-free and complete job. This is not a slogan. It is a fact! Check out some of the services Orlando Roofing Company has to offer.


Tile & Shingle Roof Repair

We offer a premium roof seal package. When tile or shingle roofs leak some are ready for a new roof. However, in many cases this is not necessary, as tile roofs are made to stand the test of time. At Orlando Roofing Company we specialize in repairing tile roofs. We not only can repair the leak but also provide a roof seal. With a roof seal, leaks that have begun but haven’t penetrated all protective barriers yet stopped in their tracks and potential future leaks that may develop will be halted, as well.


Leak Detection

If you have a roof, we’re almost certain that your top concern is leaking. Nobody wants to wake up to that dreadful feeling of a watermark or drip from their ceiling onto their personal belongings. We offer exemplary roof repairs in Orlando, detecting the source of the leak, sealing it and repairing the damage caused in the process. We use only the best materials and products on the market, delivering the best possible finished product for your home, office or commercial residence. With the best warranty in town, we are the roofing contractor in Orlando you can rely on to get the job done right –the way YOU deserve it done.

We hold a Florida State Certified Building Contractors License (CBC 060546), meaning if your leak has caused any amount of damage to the inside of your home – we can fix it! This means drywall, carpentry, electrical issues – you name it. You would be hard pressed to find another roofing contractor in Orlando to do the same.


Repairs & Maintenance

Hail, high winds or a fallen tree may have damaged your roof. Whatever the reason – we can repair it.

Don’t neglect your roof! Florida’s harsh environment – blazing hot sun, sideways rain and high winds – takes a toll on our roofs, so as you can imagine, tile and shingle roof repairs in Orlando are pivotal to any home or commercial business owner. Our home’s first line of defense is the roof. It should not be neglected.

Your roof has 3 layers:

  • Tile, shingles, etc…
  • The underlayment, (aka “moisture barrier”) which protects you from water and other liquids.
  • Lastly, the decking.

If you don’t get an inspection at least once a year, your roof is in serious danger of being damaged beyond the point of a simple repair. Based on Florida’s harsh environment it could take as little as 5 years for a brand new roof (and all three layers) to be completely effected by the elements, so try to have yours inspected at least once a year. Roof repairs in Orlando can be expensive, so don’t find yourself on the losing end of a disaster to your home or commercial business.


Insurance Claims

At Orlando Roofing Company (ORC) we have assisted a vast number of home owners, and businesses alike, throughout Central Florida with storm related damage Insurance Claims, repairs to their roofs and their property. Insurance claims are welcomed as our representatives help the customers navigate the process of filling an insurance claim for you on a regular basis. We are more than competent in assisting you with the identification of all damages to your property and related compensation amounts. We can repair your damage to “like new condition”. ORC is more than capable of working with your insurance company and we are happy to assist you in communicating your issues to your insurance company, on your behalf, if you prefer. We will stand by your side until your property is fully repaired and restored to the same condition or better than before the incident. ORC is a state certified roofing and building contractor. This makes ORC a 1 stop shop for repairs to your property. Orlando Roofing Company (ORC) Is not a public adjuster.


Re-Roof/Roof Replacement

Only Extensive damage would warrant a new roof. Sometimes roofs have been so badly damaged or neglected that all the repairs in the world would not fix them. Asking a customer to spend money to repair this type of problem would be unethical. After we have inspected your roof, our experts will deliver to you an honest diagnosis. If a new roof is needed we will recommend it, if not, we will repair it. We re-roof and replace shingle roofs, tile roofs and any other roof you need maintenance on. We seal your roof and plug any hole or leaks, so you can live your life stress-free, knowing you received a great service from a great tile and shingle roofing contractor in Orlando.


New Roof

Planning on building a new addition to your home or maybe, an entirely new home? Orlando Roofing Company can install your new roof for you. Our team will work with you to pick out the perfect shingle or tile for your design. Our tile roofing in Orlando will have you wondering why you did not contact us sooner! We will professionally install it and then we’ll stand behind it. Guaranteed!

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