Roof Repair Services in Orlando, FL

We are one of only a few Florida State Certified Roofing Contractors offering services in the Orlando Area. Our team of certified and experienced professionals is skilled at working with all types of roofing. We are, however, highly skilled at working on shingle and tile roofs. We pride ourselves on being able to meet each and every customer’s needs and requirements. We will save you a world of stress with quick and efficient roof repair or installation.


Comprehensive and Quality Roofing Services in Orland, FL

Leak Detection

No one wants to wake up to the sound of water dripping from the roof onto their belongings. We provide the residents of Orlando with leak detection services. Our team will detect the source of leaking, seal and repair it to prevent further damage. You can rely on us to get the job done right.


Tile and Shingle Roof Repair

Tile and shingle roofs are durable. They can last years with minimal need for maintenance. This doesn’t mean that they do not become damaged. The team at Orlando Roofing is specialized in tile roof repair. We will seal and repair leaking roofs to ensure you have a protective barrier from the elements.


Repairs and Maintenance

Whether your roof has been damaged by a fallen tree or been leaking for a while, you can rely on us for roof repair.

Your roof is your first line of defense. Don’t ignore your it’s repair or maintenance needs. Florida’s harsh environment can take a toll on your roof. If you don’t have your roof inspected at least once a year, it will be in danger of becoming damaged beyond the point of repair leaving you exposed to the elements. Extensive repairs can be expensive. Our inspection, maintenance, and repair services will help you avoid the expense and inconvenience.

Assistance with insurance claims

We know that businesses and homeowners alike rely on Insurance claims to cover the cost of repairs on their property. It, however, can be challenging to get your insurance claim approved. Our representatives provide assistance in processing and filing insurance claims. We have helped many clients through this process and therefore have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies. We’ll assist you with all aspects of making your insurance claim from documenting the damage on your roof to communicating with your insurance provider. We will stand by your side until your property is fully repaired.


Roof replacements

Has your roof suffered extensive damage? Roof replacement is only warranted when there is extensive damage that can be repaired. It would be unethical to ask a customer to repair the damage. Our expert team will provide an honest diagnosis of your roof. If we believe that a new roof is required, we will recommend it.


New Roof

Are you planning to build a new building? Whether it is an extension or a new construction our skilled team can install the roof for you. Our team will walk with you through the selection of the tile and the design of your roof. Contact us for the best roofing services.


High Quality Professional Roof Repair Services Offered in Orlando, FL

It can be easy to take your roof for granted, but should severe weather or an unexpected event leave you with leaks and missing shingles, then it is time to call the experts. Orlando Roofing Company is your expert offering a wide range of roof repair services across Orlando, FL. We focus on quality, offering our customers outstanding services that maximize the value of your home. Our roof repair services are customized to your unique needs, and our contractors are experts with both shingle and tile. To find out more, or for your estimate, call us at (407) 275-9444.

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