No matter how perfect your roof is, there will be a time when repairing it will be inevitable. Besides, many things necessitate roof repairs. It could be general wear and tear, hailstones, branches, rodents, etc.

This blog post will consider the common causes of roof problems. Be sure to contact a licensed roofer in Orlando for your roof repair:

1. Roof Leaks

Many things could cause a roof leak. Improperly connected flashing could cause a leak. Bitumen roofs also do leak when there is a moisture barrier. Strong leaks can cause a roof to fail completely. Make sure you talk to experienced contractors for roof repairs in Orlando.

There are times when your roof contractors will handle the seam. There are times they would have to replace the seam using heal welding or glue. This is to prevent moisture exposure across the roof.

2. Roof Puncture makes repair mandatory

Consistently walking on the roof could make the roof develop issues with time. When areas with high traffic experience puncture, it can prove very problematic.

Carrying out roof repairs and installing walkways paths. This will prevent future puncture.

3. Blow-ups

With poorly connected flashings, there could be blow-ups which happen when flaps and seams open. This is why your roofing contractor needs to pay attention to how the flashing is installed. When flashing are improperly installed, it could cause code issues. And low resistance to puncture. This most times is as a result of few fasteners present in the base sheet.

In the presence of blow-offs, the resistance of the roof to uplift can be increased by upgrades, renovation, roof repairs, and a replacement.

We have skilled roofers in Orlando that can help you to= recommend the best options for you. However, providing the seam with enough time to cure helps increase the roof’s resistance to wind uplift. The integrity of seams using cold adhesive is usually poor. Also, seams that are exposed to rain or wind prior to the being fully cure could trigger a wind uplift.

4. Blisters and Splits

Surface erosions along the roof surface, splitting, and blisters etc can trigger other issues for the roof if not checked. While it is not about repairing every little blister, it is important to pay attention to big blisters and repair them immediately.

Most times, the blisters come up due to dry laps, increased aging, poor interplay integrity, and bad connection of the bituminous roof system. This, at times, happens when asphalt is wrongly heated.

Be sure to talk to our roofing contractors in Orlando for help to determine how bad the blistering is. We will also help with roof repairs.

We at Orlando Roofing Company are experts in various types of roof repairs and replacements. We handle both private and commercial properties in Orlando. Be sure to give us a call if you need roof repairs in Orlando.

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