Condensation can affect your roof and attic in different ways. You need to understand its effects and how to deal with them to avoid severe damage to your roof which may lead to replacing your roof.

Causes of Indoor Condensation

Indoor condensation, most times, occurs as a result of high levels of humidity inside a property. When you see condensation on your window, it means your window seals are doing their jobs. However, this also means that unwanted moisture is being trapped inside the home which is no good enough. The humidity levels in the home can be influenced by a variety of daily activities inside the house such as cooking, laundry, bathing, indoor fountains, etc.

How does Condensation affect your roof?

Most residential roofing structures are made from wood and wood absorbs moisture readily. A regular, consistent absorption of moisture makes the wood soft and over time, weak or crooked. Condensation also damages the insulation in your attic. When the roof is constantly exposed to excessive moisture, it leads to the rusting of fasteners and rotting of wood which can lead to expensive shingle repair that you will need roofing contractors in Orlando for.

How to manage your home’s humidity levels

If you are facing humidity problems in your home, the first thing to do is open all of your windows for at least 15 minutes every day. This will allow fresh air to flow through the house and get rid of all air pollutants. You also need to keep your exhaust system active by using exhaust fans, range hoods and sizing your HVAC system properly.

You can control the level of humidity in your attic in two different ways; by installing ridge vents or by installing exhaust fans on the roof. Ridge vents are mounted along the ridges at the top of the roof. Warm air usually rises so; it is only reasonable to place ridge vents at the top of the home. Then, through the intake vents at the eaves, fresh air flows into the house. Exhaust fans also work effectively, and you can install the ones powered by solar energy.

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